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Release trauma and relax in to more pleasure self love healing

Enjoy life on a deeper level with embodied and sensuous tantra massage

Welcome to m tantric Massage! I'm Mikael Larsson, a certified Tantramasseur.
With tantric massages and coaching I help women relax in to more love and pleasure. Curious?

Love your body and experience more

pleasure & joy

- With tantric touch and massage

What's present on your heart? This is a time to pour in to yourself with unconditional love

Tantra is an ancient practice and a unique way to expand your self-awareness. It is also a guide to more happiness and love in your life.

Tantra massage is the direct way to help you on your journey. I am certified Tantra masseur specialized in creating safe and organic sessions thats individually adapted – for women who desire more in life.

My name is Mikael Larsson and I am a certified Tantramasseur. I am offering sessions and coaching that brings more healing, sensuality and love into your life.

I am appreciated for holding a grounded space with my presence. I will be present with you the whole time to guide you towards success in areas of self-love, sensuality and fulfillment.

To what really matters in your life.

Our journey together will be joyful and transformative. During the journey you will learn how to find pleasure in every little moment in life and find yourself alive, fulfilled and happy.

Welcome to take this journey with me as your guide.


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Are you ready to

release trauma and experience more pleasure in life - not just sensually?
Relax into more love and sensuality with m tantric massage
-12 week container-
10,000 sek

Each massage session is 1h 30 min and online coaching 1h

EXTRA: WhatsApp access to lead tantric coach Mikael during the period of the container. //

Relax into more love and sensuality with m tantric massage
-5 sessions-
6,500 sek

Each session is 1h 30 min

-1 session-
1,800 sek

The session is 1h 30 min

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connection call

Before booking your forst session it’s important to connect and feel into the trust and energy between you and the tantra massage practitioner. 

This no-obligation call allows you to explore and discover if this is a match for you and a yes for your body and as a massage client.

You can share your goals and desires, while I provide insights into the process, our collaboration, and if we are a fit, suggest a route forward. This is an opportunity for you to gather all the information you need before we take the first step together.

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I look forward to our conversation and the opportunity to support you on your journey towards the life you desire.

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Mikael Larsson

- To live a life of MORE

What do you long for?
Are you ready to empower your self?

Hi! Welcome to m tantric massage! I’m Mikael Larsson and I am a certified Tantra masseur (The Art of Love – Lin Holmqvist) and a certified Wellness masseur

(Classic Swedish massage etc, Axelsons institute). I have specialized myself in Tantra coaching and I give private session thats individually adjusted.

My power is to be, create and hold a safe space for being present – to heal with pleasure, for women. I choose to only work with women as this is where most healing and support is created.

I discovered Tantra many years ago and I have been a part of the Tantra-world ever since, and I’ve attended courses, retreats, events and individual sessions. I have experienced and seen so much healing, expansion and development within Tantra.

For me Tantra has become my way of giving service to the world.

Earlier I was very much into sports and training, mental training, personal development and spirituality. Today I am experienced in many ways for healing and self-development.

I was born in the countryside in Sweden and I love nature and wildlife.

I have a career in Forestry and am a loving father to three grown children.

It is a true pleasure to serve you on your healing and fullness journey.

M Tantric Massage - Honoring Your Sensuality
What is Tantra?
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Tantra for me is about our own attitude to life itself. How we see life. It’s also a tool and a way to guide us to more consciousness and self-awareness. It helps us to become more present in what actually is. Here and now.

The word Tantra means “Tool for expansion” and I think this correspond very well with my own experience. It is about how to fully accept life as it is without judgement.

It’s about connection. Connection to the innermost You. It’s about self-love.

It is, as also said, a Tool and practices. Practices to crush the obstacles stopping us from the love we already have deep down in our inner core.

It’s about finding and opening up to this innermost love. To get past your blocks and to learn about and experience the love within.

Our body is our Temple and pleasure is a very direct and effective way to actually do this.

What are you longing for?

You deserve to experience m o r e

Are you feeling unbalanced?
As if something is missing in your life?

Honor yourself with the gift of self-love and pleasure.

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